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How to write about what people are looking for in 2019

what to write about in 2019
What should I write about?

In this article how to write about what people are looking for in 2019, I will show 2 of the most dynamic free tools on the internet.

But before I share with you these dynamic tools let me just say that if you are not using them you should start immediately.

Please bear with me and keep reading, please…

I heard someone recently say that using keyword tools are a waste of time.

Listen, let me be clear on what they were saying because I really don’t want you to misunderstand the truth.

Keep reading…

So, what they or the source that I heard this from were really saying is that if you use keyword tools for a particular task you should cease from the action.

Again please keep reading and you will get a clearer picture of what’s being said.

Why use a keyword tool anyway?

Before I get into why you should use a keyword tool?

Let me first say that there are a lot of opinions floating around the internet.

Just because someone says something on the internet does not mean that is the gospel truth.

You should always do your own research and testing on everything that you hear.

what to write about in 2019There’s an ancient saying that goes something like this… “Let every word be established by two or three witnesses.

By the way, you can find that in your Holy Bible if you have one.

And if you don’t you may want to consider getting one…You can find a lot of good stuff to write about.

But back to why should you use a keyword tool?

Well, I’m really glad you asked.

So there are a number of reasons to use a keyword tool.

Reason #1
Using a good keyword tool can give you a ton of ideas to base your content marketing around.

The more you search the more you will find to write about.

Reason #2
This is the main reason why you should use a keyword tool is… Wait for it.

Here it is… The keyword tool will show you what to write about in 2019 and years to come.

What should you not use the Keyword tool for?

Well from what I have discovered is that most keyword tools are very unreliable when it comes to concrete statistics.

What do I mean by concrete statistics?

What I mean is that when it comes to putting all of your trust in what any keyword tool is publishing. DON’T.

I mean think about it… Hmmmmm. With all of the information floating around the internet, how can anyone or anything possibly keep accurate results?

I’m really only talking about search volume. So don’t think that I am saying that.all statistics are inadequate or inaccurate.what to write about in 2019

That being said I really do think that we all should deeply consider that search volume statistics can be way off.

So, you say what should I then do?

Okay keep reading and find out.

The top three tools for writing about what people are looking for in 2019.

Tool # 1 Google Search
The number one tool to find out what people are looking for in 2019 is none other than Google search.

You probably guessed that I was going there.

But the thing is many people or website content creators are not utilizing this tool to its fullest potential.

Including myself…

That ends now for me and I hope after you finish reading this article that you will consider doing the same.

Tool #2 YouTube Search

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

I guess you already know that they are also owned by Google as well.

But here’s the beautiful thing about them both.

Have you ever noticed that when you begin typing something in your search browser that Google and YouTube has a tendency to almost finish what you are typing for you?

This is what we have learned to be known as Google Suggest and I guess you and I can call the other YouTube Suggest too.

They both are absolutely great tools for finding out what to write about.

I think it’s appropriate to just have a sample video on this page just to show you what I mean

How to write about what people are looking for in 2019 Video.

I am The Original Newbies Advocate… Your everlasting friend. Smile!

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